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"Awakening Consciousness" 
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Katerina Angelovska
About Katerina Angelovska
Written on January 1st, 2020
Katerina Angelovska was born on April 14th, 1975 in Skopje, North Macedonia. 

She is a coach for personal and spiritual development, energy therapist, author, and public speaker. She graduated in Skopje, North Macedonia as Professor of Elementary Education, but since then worked in various business and financial organizations. During her professional career, she was recognized as a true team leader, and people always followed her adventurous and positive spirit. This opened her path to dedicate her life to helping people having a better future. Katerina is also Certified Canfield Trainer: The Success Principles®, by methods of Jack Canfield’s. She also holds the following certificates: Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), SPIN sales coach, Reiki Master, and Access Consciousness Bars. 

The program for personal development that has brought Katerina recognition is based on a holistic model of growth and development and encompasses all the segments of human existence: mind, body, emotion, intuition, imagination, awareness, spiritual dimensions. She has led various training programs and seminars and is completely dedicated to motivating, 
inspiring, and exercising the present-day generation so that they can find greatness and power within themselves and become creators of their own lives. In the last few years, her work, the message she spreads, her energy, and her personal coaching style have helped a large number of individuals fulfill their dreams. 

Katerina Angelovska is the author of 333 Affirmations, a book that had great success in North Macedonia, and was then translated into Albanian and English (Kindle version/Amazon). This book is Katerina’s personal selection of affirmations, with whose aid she guides us through the world of positive creative thoughts. She believes that the development of a positive state of mind is one of the most powerful life strategies for every person. Awakening Consciousness is her second book, which she had co-written with her partner Radovan Vitosevic. She believes that this book is a true manual for personal and collective transformation and consciousness evolving into spiritual awareness. 

More about Katerina and her work you can read on her site www.katerinaangelovska.mk or follow her on social media.
Katerina Angelovska and Radovan Vitosevic
Founders of awakeningconsciousness.com

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