How to create your life by your own design, wherever you currently are, and live a life of fulfillment and pure happiness
How to create your life by your own design, wherever you currently are, and live a life of fulfilment and pure happiness
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This book is suitable for all people who are working and living their daily lives. 

It is a guide for personal and collective transformation. Shortly, this book is an adventure intertwined with universal knowledge that will enable you to know yourself truly to awake and create consciously.

It is a book well written for everybody: regular folks, housewives, artisans, business people, network marketing and sales friendly and managers, and all people who wish to create their own empire in life. And as well, people who are tired of living lives by default and want to create their lives by own design. 

Everyone can benefit from reading and utilizing the principles this book have to offer!


This book changes your inside and consequently by applying it, your outside
The principles in the book have been tried and proven as effective methods, so you can achieve your next level of consciousness
Radovan and Katerina are taking you on an adventure intertwined with universal knowledge that will enable you to get to know yourself truly, to awake and create consciously
We believe that a human being cannot be in balance and fully rise to its potentials if spirit, mind, and body do not work on developing all three dimensions of its existence.


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Chapter 1 - 

Universal Laws: The foundations of all-existance

  • How our beliefs, ideas, and thoughts can influence the process of creating the results we experience in our own lives (page 18)
  • Answer to the question: Why every relationship is an energy exchange, whether it is friendship or business related, even the relationship to our pet? (page 22) 
  • How you can influence vibration, just remember how many times you have thought of someone and that someone then calls you on the phone right away. (page 26)
  • ​With the law of attraction you can change anything you desire in your life and how you can achieve living in the present and in peace. (page 37 and 38)
  • Get to know how our brain functions without equally making aware of it, e.g., 'You saw a free paperback of Harry Potter on an e-commerce site, and your brain reacts instantly to it'. How it snaps instantly by getting attracted, the causes and effects of it. (page 41 onwards)

Chapter 2

Get to know yourself - Who are we

  • Understanding why all the tragedy in our life is our own doing. We are the source of our problems. And because we are not aware of this, they keep recurring in our lives. (page 52)
  • Why it is important to begin with a paradigm shift to change our lives, change the program, e.g., the paradigm that makes us believe that money is the root of all evil or that makes us believe that we are not good enough or that we need an approval from others in order to define our worth (page 57)
  • We become what we think the most and what we think the most becomes our reality. Like Buddha said: "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. (page 64)
  • ​It is like a secret door into your thought and emotions, remember those moments where you snapped at somebody, and later you regret it? (page 69)
  • ​It specifies how your body energy changes in different situations and much more. (page 81)

Chapter 3

Awakening Consciousness: Consciousness evolving into spiritual awareness

  • It focuses on how to charge your spirit, body, and mind into a sound soul. - The power of meditation and how it makes you consciously responsible will be addressed in depth.
  • ​​When we are awake, we become a true channel of the infinite source of energy, and we are awarded new possibilities for co-creation (page 106)
  • How to turn your head off and take complete responsibility for your own life and your own results and make a decision to change? (page 119)
  • Every word we say to our friend is an affirmation. This affirmation is our intention, presented in words or thoughts, transformed into an emotion that vibrates at a particular frequency, thus influencing matter. (page 127)
  • ​What does it mean that our false perception of ourselves can be dissolved with the aid of meditation. (page 140)

Chapter 4

Conscious co-creation: Manifesting the desired reality

  • It questions you what are your primary and secondary goals of life. (page 150)
  • ​Learn how to use visualization as one of the more effective techniques that we use to co-create the reality the way we want it to be. (page 166)
  • ​We need to have a certain amount of why to express it through a certain amount of how. (page 175)
  • ​Find out why it is never one particular thing that we do, but the accumulation of all those little steps we take every day. (page 180)
  • ​The solution how to pull something in your life? Discover how you manifest the right way through a certain level of time, discipline, dedication etc. (page 185)

Chapter 5

State of love - High level of consciousness

  • ​Many have gone through this phase, this emotion called 'love'. It's a phenomenon where two minds and bodies feel comfortable in each others' presence. (page 191)
  • ​When life gets messy, many feel devastated. But it's our consciousness that can control everything. (page 194)
  • Learn whether it's materialistic or humanly love before practicing it you must learn to accept yourselves fully, because then only you will accept others. (page 197)


Sonam Shukla

Aleksandar Gjurchevski

"I am very happy to have the opportunity to read this book. It helped me a lot in my personal development and positive thoughts. I recommend it to anyone who is actively working on personal development."

Katerina Smiljkovic

"The book provides great guidelines for living a peaceful and fulfilled life. It is for everyone that is curious to uncover the most basic laws of the universe and to learn to live by them consciously. It has great stories that you will easily connect to and tips you can implement immediately. Do not be surprised if you experience many epiphany moments while reading!"

Dаnijela Jakimovska

“This book is GOLD! Finally, a simple breakdown of what the true purpose of living is, but also it provided an insightful base of understanding about what actually consciousness is and how it helps one to get what they desire for. Absolute recommendation!” 

Radovan Vitosevic

About the author:

Radovan Vitosevic has an Executive MBA in economics from the University of Sheffield, proclaimed as one of the one hundred best-ranked universities in the world.

For nearly 15 years, he has worked as a professional manager in multinational companies and financial institutions. He has been an executive manager of multinational companies, self-leader, and leader of others, a sales specialist, as well as a corporate trainer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and investor. 

His work contributions completely changed two industries in the Macedonian economy. Moreover, he has worked for many years on supporting businesses, as well as on the mission of providing a better life for hundreds of families. 

Katerina Angelovska

About the author:

Katerina Angelovska is a coach for personal and spiritual development, energy therapist, author, and public speaker. She graduated as Professor of Elementary Education, but since then worked in various business and financial organizations. 

During her professional career, she was recognized as a true team leader, and people always followed her adventurous and positive spirit. Over the last 10 years, this opened her path to dedicate her life to helping people having a better future. 

Katerina uses unique methods to combine coaching and energy therapy to achieve far better results with her clients. This book is a summary of her best practices and provides an immediate mindset shift.

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